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This is a one stop shop for creative and technical services.

Collaborating with producers, activists, and established talent to create:

15+ years making

films and videos

Dozens of formats including Super8, VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, and Mini-DV. The grains and colors of a different time converted to easily accessible formats like video files, DVD, or private link.

Convert analog media to safe, digital forms


Linda Lou


"Thanks to Michael my band Marisha Ten was able to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.  The video pitch he created was absolutely beautiful and he worked overtime to make sure every detail was perfect and finished within our tight deadline.  I've never hesitated to reach out to him for help on projects since!"


Jim & Staci Roth

"We have worked with Michael on a variety of projects over the years and he is truly one of the good video producers.  Give him creative reign because he will create a masterpiece. From start to finish he was focused on every detail ensuing the essence of our vision for our video We Will Not Forget.  We needed a customized video made of previously recorded audio from Story Corps/Library of Congress and Michael was able to emote deep expression and feeling with a creative twist. He uses music, video links, images, and animation to tell a story that is rich with and intriguing! We can’t say enough about Michael's deep passion, creativity and professionalism."


Eric Gladen

Documentary Filmmaker

"I hired Mike as the Editor of a documentary film Trace Amounts and we worked together for several years.  I would characterize him as a creative genius.  He has an incredible ability to take words and visuals and music and magically weave them into a story that makes you feel like you are actually in it and not just watching it. Even with the intensity of the subject matter and the intensity I brought to the project, Mike was always very easy to work with and would go above and beyond if asked.  He also worked great with the rest of the team from start to finish.  He was a major player in making the film, and I would definitely like to work with him again."


Rhobye Wyatt


"Michael is a consummate pro in every aspect of the word!  And one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, which makes him a real pleasure to work with! Thanks to him I have superior quality video clips and a reel of my acting work, beautifully edited, and easy to upload to sites such as IMDb, Actors Access & Casting Frontier. From project collaboration to final product, I can’t speak highly enough of Michael’s work and his commitment to providing top quality service to his clients."


Troy Conrad


"Mike Foster is the best editor I’ve worked with. Not only did he show up with the right tools, he showed up for a high demand project. My film Runyon: Just Above Sunset won awards at two different festivals.  The dude is good."


Kelli Smith

"I am so lucky to have been set up with Mike over 10 years ago now from a mutual friend. He knew that Mike was the one that could help me to organize hundreds of hours of my old school videos of therapeutic sessions that I had captured over many years. From this sprung a project of love where he began filming, producing and editing a documentary In the Making that followed five children with special needs through their journey. It is Mike’s passion and patience that helped bring this experience to life and the many families he touched with this film.  I full heartedly encourage anyone who is looking for exceptional quality and commitment to YOUR vision to work with Mike."


Creative experience started while I was a projectionist at a local movie theater.