This is my collective home of creative projects and available services based in Los Angeles.


Here I highlight my 17 years of filmmaking experience collaborating with directors, activists, comedians, established organizations and talent.

I strive for my work to be unpredictable and always personal by storytelling with feeling, the right music, and editorial precision. 


I also offer analog media transfers to safe, digital forms.

Dozens of acceptable formats including VHS, Super8 reels and cartridges, Hi-8, Mini-DV, and Sony Beta. The grains and colors of a different time converted to easily accessible formats like video files, DVD, or even a private online link you can share with friends and family.

My creative career began at 19 years old working at a local movie theater in Calabasas, California. Slated to go into corporate management, things took a different direction when joking around with a fellow projectionist about comedy in the workplace. Our screenwriting followed and the beginnings of my visual storytelling and film editing had me hooked.


Since the early days of threading films for moviegoers, I've shot, edited, produced, and directed countless documentaries, short films, tributes, promos, webisodes, and multiple narrative features in the independent film space resume / IMDB. My work has been seen at numerous film festivals on the west coast including Seattle, Newport Beach, San Diego, and in Burbank, winning Best in Show for "Runyon: Just Above Sunset". My largest documentary project, "Trace Amounts", took 4 years to complete and comprised of over 300 hours of raw footage and archival clips. We premiered at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, which received enormous praise by celebrities advocating for clean vaccine policy for children.

In 2020, Michael Foster Films launched as a home for projects I'm a part of and a one-stop-shop for those seeking creative and technical services. My camera gear, editing bay, and digitizing equipment are available in North Hollywood where I provide fast turn-around and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you're developing a feature film, looking to create a short video, or need help converting old footage, I'm here to make it a reality.