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Runyon: Just Above Sunset

Winner: Best Comedy Short
2011 Burbank Int'l Film Festival
Winner: Best Mockumentary
2011 Mockfest Film Festival
Winner: Best Actor Eddie Pepitone
2011 Mockfest Film Festival

In this Funny or Die award-winning spoof of every Mt. Everest documentary ever made, a crew follows comedian Eddie Pepitone during his 6-day struggle to reach the famed "chair" at the summit of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

Starring Eddie Pepitone, Jim Earl, Paul Kozlowski, Andrew Donnelly, Timothy Moore, and Nicholao Matranga

Narrated by Ron Lynch

Directed and Produced by Troy Conrad
Written by Eddie Pepitone and Karen Simmons
Edited and Produced by Michael Foster
Produced by Brian Sontag and Karen Simmons
Photographed by Federico Kurschinski, Liz Casebolt, and Timothy Moore 


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