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Award-winning webisodes, behind the scenes, and experimental content

In this Funny or Die award-winning spoof of every Mt. Everest documentary ever made, a crew follows comedian Eddie Pepitone during his six-day struggle to reach the famed "chair" at the summit of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

Directed and Produced by Troy Conrad

Written by Eddie Pepitone and Karen Simmons

Edited and Produced by Michael Foster

Food Network star Justin Warner docuseries for The Travel Channel in two parts: visiting a winery / restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe and celebrating Mexican Independence Day with a trip to Ensenada.

Edited by Michael Foster

Documentary web series on the life of my late friend, Ashley Rogers. Still in the making, this is going to paint her life as she wanted it. Friends and family across the country participated in interviews as we attempted to fill the space that was left behind. Her mountain of online content will be featured, with music and films she loved. 


If you'd like to help finish, please visit

Behind the scenes of the Lionsgate comedy sequel "Still Waiting". Featuring John Michael Higgins, David Koechner, Andy Milonakis, Alanna Ubach, Justin Long, Luis Guzmán, and Vanessa Lengies.


Photographed and Edited by Michael Foster

More to Love

Select sequence from the unfinished film More to Love.

Edited by Michael Foster

Electric Bonnoland

Chris Bonno web series exploring silly and strange concepts through music and comedy. Featuring interviews with Dean Haglund and Gary Anthony Williams.

Songs by Jimmy Lee Wirt and Chris Bonno


Produced, Edited, and Photographed by Michael Foster

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