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Short films from the heart

Tribute to the fallen firefighters of Storm King Mountain on July 6, 1994.

The voice of Jim Roth

Edited by Michael Foster

Tribute film of John Foster (1947-2020).

Media Restored and Edited by Michael Foster

During a difficult year, this is a video gift for my mom as I speak with my sister and remember our favorite memories.

Photographed and Edited by Michael Foster

Growing Up Pixels

Experimental Christmas present telling a story from the beginning (in 1947 & 1950 when my parents were kids) to present day — using video clips, movie scenes, and music.

Edited by Michael Foster

FitzGerald Family Super-8 film collection montage.


Media Restored & Edited by Michael Foster

Westen and Maureen

Wedding of Westen and Maureen Taylor.


Photographed by Patrick Lada

Edited by Michael Foster

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