Every editing project is different and each deserves a creative and technical assessment to see how much time is needed to complete. It can be as basic as a demo reel in a couple of hours or as complex as crafting a feature film over a year's time. I'll work close with you to make sure direction is clear and our storytelling is fulfilling your vision.  With over 17 years experience in post production, every edit passes the highest quality checks to make sure you're pleased with the final product. 


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film editing

Alienware Aurora R11 3-Display Adobe Premiere Bay

8-core i7 10th Gen, 32GB Memory, 8GB NVidia RTX 1070+

100 inch screen + projector w/ 4 person seating

Apple/Mac OS Compatible work flow

Credit Card Back

I'm happy to offer all levels of video service including professional videography for events as well as short and feature film documentary filmmaking. Additional camera crew, gear, and location space priced at cost.

All proposed projects are considered according to budget and needs, available personnel and equipment.


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video services

Panasonic G85 4K DSLR Mirrorless Camera w/ Dual I.S.

24mm (f2.5) and 50mm (f1.7) equivalent lenses

RODE On-camera Boom Mic and Wireless Lavalier Mic

Zoom H2N 5-Microphone Recorder

(6) 64GB High Speed SD Cards, (2) tripods, (1) monopod


Most formats are available for analog to digital transfer from VHS, Beta, Mini-DV, and Hi-8 tape cassettes to Super-8 film reels and cartridges. Every 60 minutes of tape is $20.00 with longer tapes @ $30.00 each. Fifty foot Super-8 film reels are $25 each (3.5 minutes) and Super-8 cartridges of the same length are $30.00 each. All conversions are made available digitally on DVD, video files, or private online link. Local pick up and delivery is available. *There is a $40.00 minimum on all orders.


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media transfer

Analog/RCA to digital input, high speed transfer

Super-8 frame by fame 1080p film scanning

Equipment rentals available upon request


All service charges are subject to an approved quote  including estimated time for completion.

50% deposit is required to begin. Please fill out your info and I'll be in contact as soon as possible.


Talk with you soon!